Exhibit Graphic Design

Heifer International



Heifer International aims to end world hunger and poverty, through education, health care, infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, and fair markets. At Heifer International’s World Headquarters, the new One World Village allows visitors to explore the five main components involved in poverty, as well as an overview and Make a Difference gallery.

Graphic Work

Heifer had brand standards and guidelines for their print materials. We then created exhibit standards for numerous types of graphics, and expanded the color palette significantly, in order to visually separate and color-code the seven areas of the center.

The graphic panels and pieces for this exhibit vary wildly in size, shape, content, and materials. Our challenge was to keep a consistent look for the visitor, while visually separating the five main areas through use of color.

We designed over 500 graphic components for this exihibit, including large and small interpretive panels, maps, rails, instructional signage, interactives, banners, labels, kiosks, wall graphics, floor graphics, on-screen presentations, props, t-shirts, and even a game board.

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Graphic design: Sara Delaney; architect and project management: Cambridge Seven Associates; copywriting: Heifer International